Weddings in Madeira

are covered in sunlight, warmth, hospitality, delicious food and flowers. Gorgeous flowers.

Meet the Madeira Islands


It seems that timber was the first thing that it came to mind to the founders of these islands, when they were looking for a suitable name for them, for the main one. And it makes sense, after all, the Laurisilva of Madeira is an outstanding relict of a previously widespread laurel forest, (UNESCO’s Natural World Heritage), providing unbelievable routes for walking and trekking.


But there’s a lot more to come to mind. Flowers, for one. The warmth and the moist of this archipelago, together with the commitment of the population, create the most amazing gardens you can think of. And not only public gardens; every front yard, every balcony, burst with natural colors and scents. Weddings in Madeira have the most gorgeous flowers.


Madeira island will amaze you, rest assured, and side by side stand the natural wonders and the impeccable cities and towns, the luxurious hotels, the beautiful boats, the welcoming waters of the ocean.


And if it’s the beach you’re more interested in, know that Porto Santo island has 9 km (5,5 miles) of golden sands and a calm sea you can bathe on pretty much all year round. Perfect for a sunset beach wedding.

On both islands, you can count on great hospitality and tables filled with tropical fruits, fresh fish and seafood. And, of course, flowers.


For more information about this region, please refer to our official tourism website, Visit Portugal.

Images courtesy of Madeira Tourism.


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