Weddings in Lisbon

are a feast of light.
All year round, you'll find our capital bursting in such a generous amount of light that you'll feel like you can actually plunge into it.


Meet Lisbon


Lisbon is frequently addressed in the most prestigious publications worldwide. Everyone who visits it falls for its charm, in various shapes and forms. Because in Lisbon you’ll find pieces of everything. It’s a breathing city, where the old is constantly rediscovered and the new pops out in every corner.


 There’s no question about the amazing Lisbon Light, that’s a fact. Poured down from the sky, it’s a kind of liquid light that covers the streets, the hills, the Tejo and everything between them. You actually feel like you can plunge right into it.


Getting married in Lisbon equals being exactly in the heart of the action. Here, you’ll find the trendiest spots for an urban party, the most moving and impressive churches, esplanades with breathtaking views, green parks, the blue river, and History finding its way into our daily routes, reminding us constantly that this is an eternal city.


An eternal city sounds like a nice place to celebrate an eternal union, doesn´t it?


For more information about this region, please refer to our official tourism website, Visit Portugal.

Images 2 and 3, courtesy of Lisbon Lux


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