Weddings in Centro de Portugal

go all the way from beach parties in a surfin' mood to dinner in a medieval castle or catholic cerimonies in the Fatima sanctuary. A mosaic of choices to meet your dream.


Meet the Centro de Portugal


If virtue does lie in the middle, it has this region to show for it. It’s quite likely to be the most heterogenic of all our country’s regions, a mosaic of landscapes, cultural heritage, new ideas, activities and food. Sure, food will always be a subject if we’re talking about Portugal. And food is a subject if we’re talking about weddings, right?


So head on to Centro and discover the beaches that appeal to surfers from all over the world, like Nazaré, Peniche, Figueira da Foz. Put on some skis and slide down serra da Estrela, our only snow resort, which turns into a hiking  haven in the spring. Travel back in time while exploring our well-preserved castles (we even have one, the Almourol castle, only accessible by boat). Get to know the most romantic love story of our history, the one between D. Pedro and D. Inês, in Coimbra. And don’t forget our very own gondola-style boats, the moliceiros, that will take you down ria de Aveiro for a beautiful ride.


It’s just a matter of setting. Find the right setting for your wedding and we’ll help you find the right vendors. 


For more information about this region, please refer to our official tourism website, Visit Portugal.

Images courtesy of Associação de Turismo do Centro de Portugal


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