Weddings in Algarve

From west to east,a string of about 170 km (105 miles) of warm beaches all year round.


Meet the Algarve


From west to east, Algarve offers a string of about 170 km (105 miles) of warm beaches with easy access,  very well supported by commerce and services. Some of them can be more cosmopolitan, a few others will take a boat or a train to get there, but all over this region it does feel like there’s only spring and summer in our calendars. We cannot be but happy in this kind of weather!  No wonder weddings in Algarve are so popular abroad.


It’s also a multicultural area. You’ll hear all sorts of different languages being spoken, by visitors but also by locals. The fish, the seafood, the oranges, the almonds, are key ingredients to an amazing cuisine, whether it’s simply grilled or gourmet prepared.


If you’re a golfer, a sailor, a trekker, a swimmer, a diver, a sun-tanner, a dancer, a history curious, a lover of nature, a lover of 5 star room service… you’ll find all your needs met here. Plus, what a lovely place to bring your family and friends for a relaxing and bonding time out!


For more information about this region, please refer to our official tourism website, Visit Portugal.

Images courtesy of Associação de Turismo do Algarve


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