Vidago Palace Hotel or How to have the perfect Destination Wedding

Another one surrenders to Vidago Palace Hotel’s charms. Journalist Andy Mossack has there earlier this year and now reminisces about the experience in a review for the Trip Reporter: “hidden palace of luxury and pampering cocooned within spectacular parkland scenery; the acres of mature leafy trees, the beautiful lakes and trails surrounded by the rolling Iberian hills of Chaves, just a stone’s throw from Spain”. What better for a Destination Wedding in Portugal?


Considered the Most Prestigious Wedding Venue in 2014, it continues to impress locals and foreigners. On top of the list for wedding venues in Portugal, Vidago Palace Hotel it is also the perfect space for an intimate honeymoon, one worthy of a king and of queen. The thermal waters of the hotel and its spa will guarantee a week or two of pure delight. Make sure you enjoy the couples’ massages and breakfast in bed.


Vidago Palace Hotel in Chaves


Vidago Palace Hotel - suite


Vidago Palace Hotel - spa


The photos’ credits’ are due to Vidago Palace Hotel.

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