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Here at the office, we are in the final countdown to The Destination International Wedding Conference – Lisboa 2016. We are so focused in presenting our guest speakers and attendees with the best that Portugal has to offer that we have decided to give you, on today’s Trendelicious, our 5 reasons to choose Portugal as your wedding destination. Portugal is sunny, beautiful, peaceful and a welcoming country with the most perfect venues and 5 star vendors. Weddings in Portugal combine top quality within a very comfortable price range.


Our main goal with this website is to make you understand the strengths of Portugal as a top destination and inspired by this post by Fernanda Silva from Wedding Luxe, at Blog Colher de Chá Noivas, of Manoela César, we are sharing with you the 5 reasons why you should choose Portugal as your wedding destination. By the way, Fernanda and Manoela will be guest speakers at the Conference, along with  Liene Stevens, from Think Splendid, Esther Friedrich, from Belle & Chic and Naoise McNally, from One Fab Day.


1 Magnificent Weather

Portugal is one of the sunniest and warmest countries in Europe and you are able to have a superb sunny al fresco wedding like Eimear + Eoin. Even during autumn or winter, most days are sunny like this. Our Mediterranean climate is mild and warm only changing a bit if you head north. Rain rarely settles for long and you can even be lucky enough, as Madelenie + Oliver to have an outdoor wedding in a on and off rainy day.


Gloria Aguiam fotografas

Gloria Aguiam fotografas

Andre Nikita-the destination-portugal 12

Andre Nikita-the destination-portugal 05


2 Privileged Location

One of Portugal‘s main advantages for Destination Weddings is that it’s a very short and comfortable distance away from several countries in the world. This is quite important if your guests are coming from various parts of the globe as Ksyusha + Reto’s or Rasha + Ramy’s.
The Destination-Dream Weddings Europe-IMG_083

The Destination-Dream Weddings Europe-IMG_099


30 Rasha+Ramy-arc fotografia-the destination

24 Rasha+Ramy-arc fotografia-the destination


3 Exclusive Heritage

One of Portugal’s most appreciated treasures is its historic patrimony, well distributed all over the country. And there are quite a few dream places completely adapted to welcome you, like Palácio Marquês de Fronteira or Bussaco Palace Hotel.


20 Rasha+Ramy-arc fotografia-the destination

23 Rasha+Ramy

Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-05

Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-17


4 Gorgeous Beaches

We have miles and miles of coastline waiting for you: the warm beaches at Algarve and Madeira Islands, the unspoiled beaches at Alentejo, the fancy beaches along Estoril and Cascais area, the surfers’ beaches at West and the gorgeous traditional beaches up North. In Portugal you can opt for sophisticated or casual beach weddings.


The-Destination-Ana Parker Algarve wedding photography, Alvor 50's vintage wedding-27

The-Destination-Ana Parker Algarve wedding photography, Alvor 50's vintage wedding-11

The Destination-Studio Victorias-14

The Destination-Studio Victorias-16


5 Top Hospitality

Portugal is a peaceful and welcoming country. Portuguese are known for their hospitality skills and our tourism offer has been growing greatly. Nowadays, all over our country you can find a refined mixture of modern commodities that simultaneously preserve and enhance tradition, historical heritage and natural beauty. Our country is among the most preferred and visited in the world and Portugal, Lisboa e Porto have been hugely highlighted by foreign press.



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