A toast to the best wine in the world: Dow’s Port Vintage 2011

The highly-regarded wine magazine Wine Spectator recently published the list of the 100 best wines in the world. Three Portuguese wines, produced in the Douro Region, managed to get to the top 10. And the first place in this coveted ranking goes to our very own Dow’s Port Vintage 2011. Each bottle can cost up to 65 euros and only 5 thousands were produced.


Dow's Vintage 2011 - best wine of the world selected by Wine Spectator


The top 10 hold a place for two more other Portuguese nectars: Prats & Symington‘s Douro Chryseia 2011 (which still managed to be in the podium, getting the third place in the ranking) and Quinta Do Vale Meão’s Douro 2011 (on the forth place).


Prats & Symington / Quinta do Vale do Meão


So there you have it: three excellent reasons for choosing Portugal for your Destination Wedding. And since you are here, find the time to get to know the region where all three wines were produced, Douro. Weddings in vineyards are fashionable nowadays and you won’t find a more beautiful vineyards region that Douro.


Vineyards in Douro Valley


Vineyards in Douro Valley


Since 1998, each year editors from Wine Spectator try over 20 thousand wines only to choose the best 100. Wine producers worldwide fight for the privilege to be in this list.


The photos’ credits are due to Dow’s (image 1), Prats & Symington/Quinta Do Vale Meão (image 2) and Quinta Do Vale Meão (images 3 and 4).

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