Getting married in Marvão, the king of castles

Marvão has reached the pages of Travel + Leisure Magazine. The American magazine has recently published an article on 25 Secret European Villages and our very own Marvão is number 12. They were impressed by its beautiful and imposing castle: «There are dramatic mountainside forts, and then there is Marvão, the king of them all». The journalist goes so far as to suggest a local hotel, Pousada de Santa Marta, and the famous restaurant Varanda do Alentejo, where one can try the savory local cuisine and local delicacies.


Destination Wedding in Marvão, Alentejo


Destination Wedding in Marvão, Alentejo


Get inspired by this romantic setting and start planning your destination wedding in Alentejo. As you can see, our medieval castles are just as charming as the Scottish castles.


The photos’ credits’ are due to Marvão’s town hall.

CNN gives you 7 great reasons to love Lisbon

How about it? According to Fiona Dunlop (and we agree), Lisbon is Europe’s coolest capital. In an article written about our beautiful city, the CNN journalist gives you seven (very good) reasons to be in the lookout for Lisbon. One: we have the best nightlife, perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Two: our cuisine is amazing but we still like to experiment. 3: ironically, our irony and sense of humor. 4: we have both beaches and medieval castles only a few miles from downtown (Sintra and Cascais, ring a bell?). 5: we sure know how to “graffiti” and make our urban spots look cool. 6: we are big on art (at least our museums are). 7 (last but not least): our streets. Walking them is always such a pleasure. Try Alfama.


Wouldn’t you like to check it out for yourselves? Getting married in Lisbon might do it for you!


Lisbon is Europe's coolest capital

The photo’s credits are due to our selected vendor NJMattos Photography.

The portuguese winter charm makes its way to Entouriste

Think again if you think that Portugal loses its charm during winter. Photographer Sasithon Pooviriyaku was in Lisbon, Sintra and Madeira and his adventurous journey inspired an article for the Entouriste website. Here, you will find evidence as to how charming our Portugal truly is.


Sasithon met a few of her friends in the Portuguese capital and together “explored a bustling city, hiked through lush green forests, and waded into the ocean”.


The highlights in the story are well deserved: the St. George’s Castle in Lisbon, the Palácio da Pena in Sintra and the Botanical Gardens in Madeira, all of them perfect cenaries for your fairy tale wedding. But there are more places to put on your to visit list. Read more about them here.


Lisbon's downtown


Streets of Lisbon




The photos’ credits are due to photographer Sasithon Pooviriyaku.

Starry starry Portugal

Portuguese restaurants are doing well and are to be recommended! The 2015 edition of Michelin Guide has awarded no less than 17 starts to our country: 14 restaurants awarded with one star and three awarded with two stars. This is a new record for Portugal.


Three restaurants are now known for their cuisine and its excellence. Ocean and Vila Joya carry on amongst the favorites, reminding us of the delicacies that await us if we chose to have a wedding in Algarve. And restaurant Belcanto, in Lisbon, joins in on the race. It’s safe to say chef José Avillez is becoming somehow of an international star.


That being said, you have to agree: your visit to our country is long overdue… Join in on this flavors route and take the time to get to know a few specialties in our cuisine that would fit perfectly to your wedding menu. We dare you to try.


José Avillez


José Avillez' signature drink


The photos’ credits’ are due to Belcanto.

McNamara discovers the Azores

Getting married in Azores is a dream came true. Trust us! For its cuisine, its landscapes, its people. You will soon realize that after watching the third episode of the project Portuguese Waves (remember episodes 1 and 2?) that has been leading the famous Hawaiian surfer Garret McNamara to discover the best of Portugal. In the new video, McNamara learns how to make Azorean cheese, he visits the Gorreana Tea plantation, he walks hand in hand with his wife through Azores most beautiful landscapes and he visits several islands of the archipelago so he can surf in the Contendas beach in Terceira Island and the Santa Bárbara beach in São Miguel Island. And you can get to do all of this too. And more…


Once you set foot in Azores for the first time, you are going to want to come back every year. Either it’s a beach wedding or a bucolic wedding in the countryside, there is no better place than Azores. You have been warned.


Delicious Alentejo wines

Douro isn’t the only Portuguese region famous for its wine anymore. Alentejo has earned its fair share of fans outside Portuguese boarders. The newspaper USA Today and the travelling website 10 Best have questioned their readers on what is the best wine region in the world and the verdict was unanimous: Alentejo.


Alentejo was selected over other very famous wine regions, like Champagne in France and La Rioja in Spain. The oenologists Frank Pulice and Kerry Woolard chose 20 regions worldwide and these were the one the readers got to vote on. Alentejo’s fortified wines, its boutique cellars and its restaurants were the reasons it got to be on the list. These are also the reasons why you will absolutely love getting married in Alentejo.


Vineyard Weddings are popular and they bring together the best of two worlds: the beauty of the its landscape and the flavor of a good red wine.


Vineyard Wedding in Portugal


Vineyard Wedding


The photos were shot by our selected vendor Lounge Fotografia.

What Monocle says…

The coveted and renowned magazines Monocle has hit the stands. And if this is always a reason to celebrate, this time even more celebration is in order. The edition for December-January brings a very special supplement, Portugal: Monocle Travel Guide. Its 36 pages are all about Portugal and our best hidden secrets. Were you looking for reasons to choose Portugal for your Destination Wedding? Just flip through the magazine…




The supplement, made in close collaboration with Visit Portugal, leads us not only through the main regions of Portugal but also through its best hotels, restaurants and shops each city has to offer. Lisbon got six pages. Oporto got four, the same amount Algarve got. Alentejo, Douro and North each had three pages devoted to them. The major spotlights were given to Minho’s young wine, the wonderful Ria Formosa, Serralves’ Tea House, Nadir Afonso’s Museum in Chaves and the surfing in beaches like Moledo, Sagres, Ericeira and Comporta. But the beach that got the podium was Arrifana. Monocle considered it la crème de la crème of Portuguese beaches. Who wouldn’t love to have a beach wedding here?


A toast to the best wine in the world: Dow’s Port Vintage 2011

The highly-regarded wine magazine Wine Spectator recently published the list of the 100 best wines in the world. Three Portuguese wines, produced in the Douro Region, managed to get to the top 10. And the first place in this coveted ranking goes to our very own Dow’s Port Vintage 2011. Each bottle can cost up to 65 euros and only 5 thousands were produced.


Dow's Vintage 2011 - best wine of the world selected by Wine Spectator


The top 10 hold a place for two more other Portuguese nectars: Prats & Symington‘s Douro Chryseia 2011 (which still managed to be in the podium, getting the third place in the ranking) and Quinta Do Vale Meão’s Douro 2011 (on the forth place).


Prats & Symington / Quinta do Vale do Meão


So there you have it: three excellent reasons for choosing Portugal for your Destination Wedding. And since you are here, find the time to get to know the region where all three wines were produced, Douro. Weddings in vineyards are fashionable nowadays and you won’t find a more beautiful vineyards region that Douro.


Vineyards in Douro Valley


Vineyards in Douro Valley


Since 1998, each year editors from Wine Spectator try over 20 thousand wines only to choose the best 100. Wine producers worldwide fight for the privilege to be in this list.


The photos’ credits are due to Dow’s (image 1), Prats & Symington/Quinta Do Vale Meão (image 2) and Quinta Do Vale Meão (images 3 and 4).

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