TFY Weddings, fornecedor selecionado por The Destination

“Everything started with Tours For You, a Destination Management Company in Portugal specialized in providing boutique, luxury and unique tour services, founded in 2003.

We truly know how to create unique moments and experiences for our clients. This knowledge comes from expertise and dedication and that’s why we can make your beautiful wedding happen, just as you imagined it.

We will meet all your desires and provide you with a truly unforgettable day. We take care of everything, in a very professional and diligent way: photographer, catering, venue, makeup, decor (everything, actually!), including entertainment and even the honeymoon!

At TFY Weddings, we are specialists in wedding planning in Portugal, but also in creating everlasting and unique memories!”


TFY Weddings, your destination wedding planner in Portugal


Looking for a great planner for your destination wedding in Portugal? Get in touch with TFY Weddings and have a chat with lovely Ana Moreira.


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Como Branco Wedding Concept, The Destination selected vendor

Como Branco have provided unique and unforgettable weddings for couples from around the world, who have chosen Portugal as stage for the most important day of their lives.
Being there from the first moment and through all stages of the wedding planning process, they ensure that every detail is crafted with most attention, since they are completely customized to the bride and groom’s taste.
They also strive to understand the couples’ origins, and so combine them smoothly with the portuguese culture, without loosing identity.
If the couples need to feel they have found a second home to fully enjoy the experience of getting married in another country, that’s precisely what we have to offer at Como Branco: a home away from home.

Happily ever after starts here.



You can follow Como Branco’s work on The Destination and contact the girls through their vendor page.

Also check their Facebook and have a chat with Carina Martins.


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Connect the dots, by Design Events

When you’re planning a wedding and the soon to be joined families live in different countries, you can have two weddings or you can connect the dots and see where they take you. Joana is Portuguese and lives in London with her at the time English fiancé (now husband!) David. When they decided to tie the knot, there was no doubt about it, they would do it in London! But, after a few months and a lot of thinking, it just wasn’t the right fit anymore.


So, after connecting the dots – England-London-Portugal-Lisbon-Beira Alta-Alentejo – Évora was the chosen spot. And after quickly falling in love with the gorgeous Imani Country House, the only dots left to connect were the ones related to planning and detailing, and that’s when Design Events stepped in and a long distance wedding was organized with all the care in the world. And what a wedding! Stunning landscapes, marvelous food, a spectacular venue, two families meeting to celebrate love and happiness exactly where the dots were meant to be connected…




























Follow the dots… you never know where they’ll take you!


Venue: Imani Country House

Planning, Styling & Flowers: Design Events Wedding

Magician: FUNtoche

Photography: Branquinho Photographers

Details & Smiles, by Design Events

Passionate about some of the best things Portugal has to offer – we’re talking wine, food and hospitality – Ellianne + Bart traded the Netherlands for Sintra on their wedding day. And what a day!


Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, on that lovely September day they celebrated their love with family and friends in the gorgeous Quinta de S. Thiago guest house, where every detail counted: Design Events Wedding made sure of that.


With smiles all around, making toast after toast with a delicious and appropriately named Portuguese wine (in English “Riso” means “Laugh”), this was one amazing and unforgettable party!






















And how contagious are their smiles!?


Planning, Décor & Floral Styling: Design Events Wedding

Venue: Quinta S. Thiago

Catering: Fora de Casa

Cake: Vintage Cake Company

Photography: Love is my Favorite Color

Photobooth: Smile Box

Entertainment: Orlanda Guilande / DJ Rui Franjas

Hair: Nuno Souto

Make-up: Joana Moreira

Anna + Alexey, Love is All You Need

Today we bring you the most adorable beach wedding planned by StudioVictorias. Anna + Alexey’s love story is inspiring. They met in a small Russian town, fell in love at first glance and have never been apart since then. Shortly after, they’ve welcomed their first child and decided to get married. They dreamt of a low budget, super-mini, non-traditional destination wedding at the beach, and chose one of the superb ones in Portugal: Praia da Fonte da Telha, near Lisbon.


Inspite being a very simple and uncomplicated ceremony it was heartfelt, meaningful and full of love: 1+1= <3


The Destination-Studio Victorias-01 The Destination-Studio Victorias-02 The Destination-Studio Victorias-03 The Destination-Studio Victorias-04 The Destination-Studio Victorias-05 The Destination-Studio Victorias-06 The Destination-Studio Victorias-07 The Destination-Studio Victorias-08 The Destination-Studio Victorias-09 The Destination-Studio Victorias-10 The Destination-Studio Victorias-11 The Destination-Studio Victorias-12 The Destination-Studio Victorias-13 The Destination-Studio Victorias-14 The Destination-Studio Victorias-15 The Destination-Studio Victorias-16 The Destination-Studio Victorias-17
Wedding-Planner: StudioVictorias
Photographer: Dima Kornilov
Make-up and Hair: Katya Kornilova
Flowers: Atelier Decorelle


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Marina + Norman, Elegant Duo

Marina + Norman are an international couple: she’s Russian and lives in Moscow; he’s Chinese, born in Portugal, who currently living in the US. Norman has always dreamt of getting married and living in Portugal. He has now fulfilled one of his dreams: he got married in Portugal last April.



As the ocean represents a symbol of a happy family, this couple chose a small cape in the Algarve to celebrate their love. They’ve hired Studio Victorias to plan it and in the end they had a perfect day. Theirs was a truly luxurious wedding for two. In spite of being just the two of them celebrating their love they didn’t compromise elegance and refinement. The bride’s look was remarkable and flawless, so was the groom’s. The Algarve rocky cliff scenery were superbly accented by the gorgeous sunlight, the clear blue sky above and the serene blue ocean below. Has we often say, Portugal is a dream wedding destination and this wedding surely proves us right!




The Destination-Studio Victorias-01 The Destination-Studio Victorias-02 The Destination-Studio Victorias-03 The Destination-Studio Victorias-04 The Destination-Studio Victorias-05 The Destination-Studio Victorias-06 The Destination-Studio Victorias-07 The Destination-Studio Victorias-08 The Destination-Studio Victorias-09 The Destination-Studio Victorias-10 The Destination-Studio Victorias-11 The Destination-Studio Victorias-12 The Destination-Studio Victorias-13 The Destination-Studio Victorias-14 The Destination-Studio Victorias-15 The Destination-Studio Victorias-16 The Destination-Studio Victorias-17 The Destination-Studio Victorias-18 The Destination-Studio Victorias-19 The Destination-Studio Victorias-20 The Destination-Studio Victorias-21 The Destination-Studio Victorias-22 The Destination-Studio Victorias-23 The Destination-Studio Victorias-24 The Destination-Studio Victorias-25 The Destination-Studio Victorias-26 The Destination-Studio Victorias-27


Wedding-planner: StudioVictorias
Decor and flower: Atelier
Style: Andy Dyo
Photo: Olga Moreira


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Natalia + Ruslan, it takes two

“It takes two, baby
To make a dream come true, just takes two”


Natalia + Ruslan’s destination wedding is a perfect illustration of the lyrics of Marvin Gaye’s song: It Takes two. An absolut dream destination wedding for two and the bride wore black: WOW!


Russian couple, Natalia + Ruslan, love traveling and wished for an intimate and cozy destination wedding. Being a wedding videographer, Ruslan knows that the best wedding destinations for two are in Europe. Portugal was a recommendation from a friend who also knew the work of StudioVictorias and Azbuka Schastia as wedding planners. Along with them, they found the charming Quinta da Picanceira for the celebration, which truly pleased Natalia who is fascinated by historic buildings. They totally relied on the professionalism of the team in Portugal for all the preparations.


Natalia + Ruslan appreciate everything unusual and meaningful. This was the second marriage for both of them and Natalia told us it made no sense for her to marry wearing white, hence the choice of a black dress. An excellent choice for her complexion and a bold and stunning style statement.


The decorations in black, gold and red highlighted the elegance of a refined and intimate celebration. Surprising was also the photo session by the sea, by Dima Kornilov and Olga Moreira, at dusk, when the elegance of the bride’s movements and her shawl created absolutely dramatic and unique moments in time.



Studiovictorias-The Destination 01 Studiovictorias-The Destination 02 Studiovictorias-The Destination 03 Studiovictorias-The Destination 04 Studiovictorias-The Destination 05 Studiovictorias-The Destination 06 Studiovictorias-The Destination 07   Studiovictorias-The Destination 10 Studiovictorias-The Destination 11 Studiovictorias-The Destination 12 Studiovictorias-The Destination 13  Studiovictorias-The Destination 15 Studiovictorias-The Destination 16 Studiovictorias-The Destination 17 Studiovictorias-The Destination 18 Studiovictorias-The Destination 19 Studiovictorias-The Destination 20 Studiovictorias-The Destination 21 Studiovictorias-The Destination 22 Studiovictorias-The Destination 23 Studiovictorias-The Destination 24 Studiovictorias-The Destination 25 Studiovictorias-The Destination 26 Studiovictorias-The Destination 27 Studiovictorias-The Destination 28


Wedding Planners: StudioVictorias and Azbuka Schastia
Flowers and decoration: Atelier Decorelle
Photography: Olga Moreira
Styling: Katerina Kornilova
Venue: Quinta da Picanceira


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Olga + Vlad, Imperial Autumn

StudioVictorias, wedding-planners based in Portugal and specialized in destination weddings, have sent us the majestic wedding of Russian couple Olga + Vlad, at Bussaco Palace Hotel, in central Portugal. When Olga first approached StudioVictorias she was sure she wanted an European destination wedding, but was uncertain about where in Europe exactly. Olga + Vlad wished for a beautiful and luxurious wedding and a special venue was required. Eventually, Portugal ended up being their choice, not simply because of its unique style and popularity amongst Russian couples, but also for its variety of absolutely stunning venues as well.


With the help of their wedding planners they found a perfect place for the ceremony and dinner – the Bussaco Palace Hotel, where history is intertwined with modernity, and the simplicity of Portuguese life is supplemented by a luxury service.  The palace-hotel is situated in a deep, lush forest, which creates a magical and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for any wedding day.


Decorations and bridal bouquet were created according to the couple’s desires and expectations and matching the beauty of the palace.  A “forest” style theme was well mixed with juicy colorful details. As the wedding was held in autumn, the color palette rose by itself: deep shades of burgundy that highlighted the nobility of the season and the imperial dignity of the venue.


Olga + Vlad had decided to officially get married in Portugal, and for this objective a wedding officer from the Portuguese Civil Registry was invited. You can click here to learn everything about the legal aspects of a wedding in Portugal. The ceremony took place in one of the most beautiful halls of the palace. This was a mini-wedding with few guests. Mostly close family and BFFs, “the most important people of all”, as the couple declared.


The palace and its surroundings are magnificent for beautiful and tender pictures, with its vast, inspirational and romantic spaces. The celebration ended with a wonderful dinner, served in the Hall of Angels, a very inspiring name to wrap up this dream wedding in Portugal.

Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-04a

Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-01 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-02 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-03 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-04   Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-05 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-06 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-07

Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-04b Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-08 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-09 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-10 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-11 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-12 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-13 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-14 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-15 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-16 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-17 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-18 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-19 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-20 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-21


Wedding Planners: StudioVictorias
Venue: Bussaco Palace
Photographer: Alexandra Letinskaya – LDA Luckybird Concept
Wedding Stylist: Andy Dyo
Decoration: StudioVictorias


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