Lisbon City Guide by Louis Vuitton

Lisbon just keeps getting cooler and cooler… it now has its very own Louis Vuitton City Guide, thus joining a very select group of cities that the luxury brand deems as fantastic! According to the French brand: “Capturing Lisbon’s seductive power, a new generation of Lisbonites is bringing fresh life to its gastronomic, cultural and festive scene, while taking nothing away from the still lively and vibrant image of its old trams, its grilled sardines… Here, fado singer Carminho offers an insider’s perspective on Lisbon, enabling travelers to get their bearings right away.” The perfect welcoming party for your stop in Lisbon: be it an engagement session, an elopement, a bachelorette or bachelor send-off or the moment you decide to say “I do” to a Lisbon destination wedding!

Lisbon City Guide by Louis Vuitton


Lisbon City Guide by Louis Vuitton


Lisbon City Guide App by Louis Vuitton


Available in paper format and for download on the App Store, this is just another great way to discover Lisbon… let’s go?!

Wedding anniversary in Lisbon, by Maria Imaginária

Hi everyone! Still summer around here, can you imagine?

So, let’s wrap up this week with an exquisite video from dynamic duo Maria Imaginária: meet Mercedes + Joey, traveling to Lisbon for their first wedding anniversary.

So in love they were with the city, that they told us that if they had been here before, Lisbon would have been their wedding destination.

Nuno and Pedro, the videographers, guided them through the old neighbourhoods, spending the day until the last rays of light – the most beautiful time to enjoy the vibe and colors of Lisbon!

If I didn’t live here, I would have fallen in love too! What an epic and emotional film, I just keep on watching in loop mode!


Have a great weekend!


Pavel + Vlad, Lisbon Love

When Pavel + Vlad decided to start a family, they wished for a Destination Wedding in Europe. Portugal and Denmark were on their short list, as both countries allow same-sex marriage for tourists. As they wished to get married in October, Lisbon, in Portugal, was the winning option. The weather in Portugal in October is still sunny and warm, especially in comparison to Denmark.

Pavel + Vlad had a whole day celebration, full of pleasant adventures. Their guests got a full experience of the city. They relied on the expertise of StudioVictorias to plan all the details, from decorations to formalities. The fabulous day started with a cocktail reception at Espelho d’Água with excellent views of the river and some of the most astonishing architectural ancient and contemporary landmarks in the Lisbon area: Torre de Belém, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Centro Cultural de Belém and Padrão dos Descobrimentos. This was followed by a boat regatta along the calm waters of the Tagus river, ending at Praça do Comércio.

The wedding ceremony was held at the city hall, Paços do Concelho, a 19th century building, in a historical room. The couple surprised their guests with a change of suits, from black and white to pink and blue. During the ceremony, everyone went on a roller coaster journey of emotions, from laughter to tears and back to laughter.

The newlywed couple and their guests then proceed with a joyful and a cheerful walk through the  downtown streets to the party venue, Cafetaria A Mouraria. It is a Lisbon typical restaurant, but a quite unusual location for a wedding reception. Outdoors, in the steps of Escadinhas de São Cristovão, the whole group enjoyed a local Portuguese barbecue with sangria, danced and mingled with neighbors and passersby. Music was played by a group of several acoustic musicians and a complete Fado trio. It’s amazing and curious to see how this foreign couple and its guests had one of the most Portuguese parties we have ever seen!


The Destination StudioVictorias 01 The Destination StudioVictorias 02 The Destination StudioVictorias 03 The Destination StudioVictorias 04 The Destination StudioVictorias 05 The Destination StudioVictorias 06 The Destination StudioVictorias 07 The Destination StudioVictorias 08 The Destination StudioVictorias 09 The Destination StudioVictorias 10 The Destination StudioVictorias 11 The Destination StudioVictorias 12 The Destination StudioVictorias 13 The Destination StudioVictorias 14 The Destination StudioVictorias 15 The Destination StudioVictorias 16 The Destination StudioVictorias 17 The Destination StudioVictorias 18 The Destination StudioVictorias 19 The Destination StudioVictorias 20 The Destination StudioVictorias 21 The Destination StudioVictorias 22 The Destination StudioVictorias 23 The Destination StudioVictorias 24 The Destination StudioVictorias 25 The Destination StudioVictorias 26 The Destination StudioVictorias 27 The Destination StudioVictorias 28 The Destination StudioVictorias 29 The Destination StudioVictorias 30 The Destination StudioVictorias 31 The Destination StudioVictorias 32 The Destination StudioVictorias 33 The Destination StudioVictorias 34


Wedding Planner: StudioVictorias
Flowers: Decorelle
Venues: Espelho d’Água and Cafetaria A Mouraria
Photography: Dima Kornilov


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Tânia + João, Pure Luxury

Tânia + João’s wedding was for Maria Rão, the photographer of the event, “the party of the year” and we are going to show you why. Together for more than seven years, Tânia + João celebrated their love in an intimate, luxurious and discreet ceremony. It took place in one of the most refined and beautiful hotels in Lisbon, Hotel Valverde. In a corner of a lush green courtyard, accompanied at a distance by the bridesmaids and a few witnesses, they read to each other their sincere vows and went through the pages of their love story, written by Sandra Nobre. You can watch or rewatch this truly endearing moment in the wedding video we have previously published here.

Following this ceremony they joyfully partied with their guests in a magnificent night party in the spectacular Estufa Fria. The tropical inspired decoration and the lush flora of the venue were perfectly combined into a refined and glamorous mood. The performance of a live band for the dance was the cherry on top!



01 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-4 02 the desination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-20 03 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal 04 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-15 05 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-17 06 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal 07 the desination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-24 08 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal 09 the desination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-32 10 the desination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-27 11 the desination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal 12 the desination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-38 13 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-39 14 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-40 15 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-41 16 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-44 17 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-51 18 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-16 19 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-52 20 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-59 21 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-53 22 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-60 23 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-56 24 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-61 25 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-73 26 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-79 27 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-88 28 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-111 29 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-112 30 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-123 31 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-78 32 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-137 33 the destination_maria_rao_wedding_photographer_Portugal-134


Ceremony Venue: Estufa Fria de Lisboa
Party Venue: Hotel Valverde
Catering and Decor: Casa do Marquês
Photography: Maria Rão Photography
Bridal look: Dress by Pronovias, Shoes by Luis Onofre, Earings by Swaroski, Hair Pin a Vintage Familly Jewel
Make Up: Raquel Peres
Hair: Luzia
Groom’s Attire: Suit and shoes by Sacoor
Wedding Bands: Ourivesaria Pedro Simão
Bridemaids Gifts: Corsages by Happy day, Box by Área
Book “Our Love story”: by Sandra Nobre of Short Stories
Flowers: Happy Day
Videographer: Maria Rita
DJ: Miguel Vidal
Live Band: Nuno Gonzalez de Oliveira & Jaume Pradas



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Quinta dos Machados, The Destination Selected Vendor

Close to Lisbon, about a 20 minutes drive away, Quinta dos Machados Country House SPA & Eventos has all the charm of its historic legacy combined with top services and comfort, for elegant and warm weddings.

Nested in woods and perfect gardens, this venue can make your dream wedding setting come true in any of its spaces, indoors and outdoors, all welcoming you to make them your own for that one truly special day.






Tel.: +351 925 491 146

Contact: Carmo Tenreiro

Address: E.N. 8 Barras – 2665-006 Gradil/ Mafra, Portugal



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Natalia + Ruslan, it takes two

“It takes two, baby
To make a dream come true, just takes two”


Natalia + Ruslan’s destination wedding is a perfect illustration of the lyrics of Marvin Gaye’s song: It Takes two. An absolut dream destination wedding for two and the bride wore black: WOW!


Russian couple, Natalia + Ruslan, love traveling and wished for an intimate and cozy destination wedding. Being a wedding videographer, Ruslan knows that the best wedding destinations for two are in Europe. Portugal was a recommendation from a friend who also knew the work of StudioVictorias and Azbuka Schastia as wedding planners. Along with them, they found the charming Quinta da Picanceira for the celebration, which truly pleased Natalia who is fascinated by historic buildings. They totally relied on the professionalism of the team in Portugal for all the preparations.


Natalia + Ruslan appreciate everything unusual and meaningful. This was the second marriage for both of them and Natalia told us it made no sense for her to marry wearing white, hence the choice of a black dress. An excellent choice for her complexion and a bold and stunning style statement.


The decorations in black, gold and red highlighted the elegance of a refined and intimate celebration. Surprising was also the photo session by the sea, by Dima Kornilov and Olga Moreira, at dusk, when the elegance of the bride’s movements and her shawl created absolutely dramatic and unique moments in time.



Studiovictorias-The Destination 01 Studiovictorias-The Destination 02 Studiovictorias-The Destination 03 Studiovictorias-The Destination 04 Studiovictorias-The Destination 05 Studiovictorias-The Destination 06 Studiovictorias-The Destination 07   Studiovictorias-The Destination 10 Studiovictorias-The Destination 11 Studiovictorias-The Destination 12 Studiovictorias-The Destination 13  Studiovictorias-The Destination 15 Studiovictorias-The Destination 16 Studiovictorias-The Destination 17 Studiovictorias-The Destination 18 Studiovictorias-The Destination 19 Studiovictorias-The Destination 20 Studiovictorias-The Destination 21 Studiovictorias-The Destination 22 Studiovictorias-The Destination 23 Studiovictorias-The Destination 24 Studiovictorias-The Destination 25 Studiovictorias-The Destination 26 Studiovictorias-The Destination 27 Studiovictorias-The Destination 28


Wedding Planners: StudioVictorias and Azbuka Schastia
Flowers and decoration: Atelier Decorelle
Photography: Olga Moreira
Styling: Katerina Kornilova
Venue: Quinta da Picanceira


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Tatiana + Timofey, Honeymoon Session

We are constantly talking about the perks of getting married in Portugal and often forget to highlight how it is also a marvelous place for a honeymoon. Lisbon is one of the sunniest cities in Europe and, even in the autumn or winter, most days are bright and sunshiny.


Tatiana + Timofey have chosen Portugal as their honeymoon destination and traveled all the way from Russia. They invited Adriana Morais, The Destination Selected Vendor, to do a photo session to mark the occasion.


Adriana, delightfully, captured their passion and enchantment as they strolled around Lisbon landmarks, Terreiro do Paço and Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara, and by the seaside in Cascais.


Through these lovely and beautiful pictures you can feel the Lisbon magic and catch a glimpse of how admirable your honeymoon can be in Portugal.


adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 01adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 02 adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 03 adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 04 adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 05 adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 06 adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 07


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