Sweet Portuguese tart by Sweet Paul

Obsessed with cooking and crafting since he was a little boy growing up in Norway, Sweet Paul was inspired by Chef Jorge Miguel Romão from the Internacional Design Hotel in Lisbon to create his very own rendition of the decadent Portuguese Caramelized Almond Tart and… doesn’t it just look amazing? Imagine how mouth-watering this delicacy would be on your dessert table or beautifully wrapped up so guests could take home as a sweet reminder of an unforgettable destination wedding in Portugal?!


traditional portuguese caramelized almond tart recipe

Have a sweet Tuesday everyone!

Sweet temptation

If you’ve never tried a brigadeiro, you have no idea what you’re missing! A typical Brazilian delicacy, this sweet concoction is made with condensed milk, butter, chocolate and covered with sprinkles, but can be prepared with a wide range of unique flavors.


Brigadão! brings this sweet temptation right to your wedding reception: bite-sized perfection for cocktail hour, a touch of originality for the dessert table, in tiny boxes they make a delicious wedding favor for guests and in the small jar version they can even be served as dessert.




How sweet is this?

Cake + Bouquet, sweets for my sweet

Flow and its beautiful flower arrangements are already regulars in our Sundays. But today we bring you a novelty to pair up with this radiant bouquet signed by the talented Marta Ferraz: a wedding cake from T Bakes. An elegant, boho and delicious cake made by cake designer Tânia Sérgio that combines in a very clever way the exotic side of spring fruits and the sweet side of the sugar paste frostings. Sugar for my honey.


Bouquet by Flow and cake by T Bakes

Cake + Bouquet, small is beautiful

Are poppies and roses an unlikely pair? Not at all. It’s the lovely and unique combination that stands out in the wedding bouquet brought to us by the talented Marta Ferraz (from Flow). Today, we pair it up with a suggestion from Vintage Cake Company: chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting, shaped as a spring flower. What if your wedding cake was a tower made of these adorable and small cupcakes? They are just as delicious as they are beautiful.



Wedding Bouquet by Flow and wedding cake by Vintage Cake Company

Cake + Bouquet, sweet tooth Sundays

Sunday’s flavors and colors continue to charm us. Because it is always so amazing to end our weekends with the beauty of a flower bouquet designed by the talented Ana Jordão, from Pinga Amor, and with the sweetness of a delicious two story cake made by Vintage Cake Company’s team. Just look at that frosting…


wedding cake by vintage cake company and bouquet by pinga amor

Cake + bouquet, golden days

Today we found a photo of a stunning flower bouquet in Hello Twiggs/Cláudia Casal’s blog and decided we simply had to share it with you in our Sunday post. Designed and styled by Marta Ferraz (Flow), the flower arrangement combines perfectly the delicate side of white flowers with the candidness of pink roses and the resulting is enchanting. We decided to pair up this timeless bouquet with a tempting two-story cake from Vintage Cake Company. It brings a little bit of glow to the whole picture and makes our weekend a lot more delightful.


Wedding bouquet from Flow and Cake by Vintage Cake Company

Tea time with Lisbon Tea Company

Lisbon Tea Company is inspired by truly Portuguese flavors. «One can say we are trying to nationalize the tea business, creating unique and exclusive teas that pay homage to Portugal’s most genuine products», words of Nuno Campos, the company’s co-founder.


Thanks to this new brand, our tea time, here in The Destination, is more fun! We are dying to try all the original flavors they are bringing to the table. There are so many inspirations for their teas: Port wine, Moscatel, Madeira wine, Ginjinha, pineapple (from Azores), orange (from Algarve), cherry (from Fundão) and Rocha Pear.


Straight from Azores, they bring us more traditional flavors too: green and black tea. The full collection has over 40 references, divided in five lines: Wine Teas, Russia Teas, Desert Teas, Azores Teas and Portuguese Flavors. But novelties just keep on coming. Just last may, Lisbon Tea Company launched the Tea.Tox line: green tea mixed with medicinal plants and herbs!


Lisbon Tea Company - teas made from portuguese flavors


Lisbon Tea Company - teas made from portuguese flavors


Lisbon Tea Company - teas made from portuguese flavors


Lisbon Tea Company - teas made from portuguese flavors


Lisbon Tea Company - teas made from portuguese flavors


Lisbon Tea Company - teas made from portuguese flavors


If you love the tea, you will love the packages they came with just as much. Wouldn’t they make amazing souvenirs for your guest? Prices vary between 6 and 9 euros.

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