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Remember the lovely couple Nadine + Gonçalo, who shot their gorgeous engagement session on the grounds of the Mafra National Palace? Well, that was part one. Part two whisked them away from the green gardens to the blue sea, on the stunning Foz do Lizandro beach in Ericeira. The bright sunshine, the perfect breeze and the love in the air did the rest…















A picture of tranquility and pure love, the secret to timeless and gorgeous photography according to Retractus.

The first look

Kristen, who’s American, and Filipe, who’s Brazilian, met in Portugal while serving on a volunteer mission… their hearts went out to each other and the rest, as they say, is a beautiful love story. Before their wedding in the United States, they decided to come back to where it all started. First stop, Cabo Espichel in Sesimbra, followed by Serra da Arrábida… because we should always return to the places that make us happy.


































The first look… what a great idea and what stunning photography by Rodrigo Silva!

Love in the palace garden

Imagine exploring the gorgeous gardens of a stunning baroque palace, hand in hand with the love of your life… That’s exactly what Nadine + Gonçalo did on the grounds of the Mafra National Palace and the end result couldn’t be prettier: a calm and romantic e-session, with a touch of enchantment. And that is definitely one of Portugal’s many strong points – there are so many amazing monuments and secret spots to discover together.













A one-of-a-kind e-session by the talented photography team behind Retractus.

Lost in Lisbon

What could be more perfect for starting out your bride and groom scrapbook than an engagement session in the beautiful and bright streets of Lisbon? That’s exactly what Rita + Vítor did, with Hello Twiggs behind the camera! Pink walls for love, gorgeous flowers for a blossoming love story, traditional tiles and unique urban art for a touch of personality and gorgeous light to bring it all together!
























It’s time to get lost in Lisbon with the love of your life!

Maria + Adam, beach E-Session

Sandra + Adam, had their E-Session made in one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal: Prainha, Alvor, Algarve. In this small, and rocky beach Photographers Matt + Lena, took advantage of the golden hour to capture this sweet couple’s romance, passion and commitment. The result was amazing!


01 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography  03 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 04 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 05 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 06 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography6  08 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 09 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 10 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 11 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 12 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 13 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 14 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 15 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 16 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 17 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 18 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 19 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography 20 The Destination-E session Alvor-Matt+Lena Photography


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Tatiana + Timofey, Honeymoon Session

We are constantly talking about the perks of getting married in Portugal and often forget to highlight how it is also a marvelous place for a honeymoon. Lisbon is one of the sunniest cities in Europe and, even in the autumn or winter, most days are bright and sunshiny.


Tatiana + Timofey have chosen Portugal as their honeymoon destination and traveled all the way from Russia. They invited Adriana Morais, The Destination Selected Vendor, to do a photo session to mark the occasion.


Adriana, delightfully, captured their passion and enchantment as they strolled around Lisbon landmarks, Terreiro do Paço and Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara, and by the seaside in Cascais.


Through these lovely and beautiful pictures you can feel the Lisbon magic and catch a glimpse of how admirable your honeymoon can be in Portugal.


adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 01adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 02 adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 03 adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 04 adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 05 adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 06 adriana morais-the destination-honey moon 07


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Rasha + Ramy, Lisbon e-session

Today, as an appetizer for Rasha + Ramy’s real wedding we wil be posting next friday, we bring you their elegant and graceful e-session in Lisbon  by Arc Fotografia, The Destination Selected vendor. You may remember this couple as, a few weeks ago, we’ve published the highlight video of their luxurious second wedding in Portugal at Palácio Marquês de Fronteira.


Enjoy the enchantment of their love through the streets of Lisbon and remember to come back on friday!


Rasha+Ramy-arc photography-the destination-2 Rasha+Ramy-arc photography-the destination-3 Rasha+Ramy-arc photography-the destination-4 Rasha+Ramy-arc photography-the destination-5 Rasha+Ramy-arc photography-the destination-6 Rasha+Ramy-arc photography-the destination-7 Rasha+Ramy-arc photography-the destination-8 Rasha+Ramy-arc photography-the destination-10 Rasha+Ramy-arc photography-the destination-11


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Carrie + Miguel, by Paper Kite

Angela of  Paper Kite Photography kindly sent us the lovely e-session of Carrie and Miguel.  Carrie is the successful author of WishWishWish, a style blog which you must get to know if you don’t know it until now.


I am particularly fond of her sense of style and her love for Portugal, where she travels often. From the various posts about our country, I highlight her own Lisbon guide.  It’s funny to observe that her choices of shops and eateries are surprisingly similar to mine.


As they were over in Lisbon, checking out wedding venues for their Spring 2016 wedding, they took the opportunity to have their e-session in the city they both love so much. Angela told us it was “an absolute treat” to photograph them both as they roamed the historic streets of Alfama.  It will be likewise a treat for you to take this romantic journey guided by Angela’s magnificent photographs. A beautiful romance in our (ever so) wonderful Lisbon!


Carrie_blogpost_1 Carrie_blogpost_2 Carrie_blogpost_2a Carrie_blogpost_3 Carrie_blogpost_4 Carrie_blogpost_5 Carrie_blogpost_6 Carrie_blogpost_7 Carrie_blogpost_8 Carrie_blogpost_9 Carrie_blogpost_10 Carrie_blogpost_11 Carrie_blogpost_12 Carrie_blogpost_13 Carrie_blogpost_14 Carrie_blogpost_15


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