Russian love, Portuguese passion

Let’s be totally honest here, as Misha + Sasha were with us: Portugal was not this Russian couple’s first choice when they decided to have a destination wedding and on the map that finally led them to Portugal, there were stops in Greece, Thailand and Montenegro. For one reason or another, however, they just kept on going and only stopped with Portugal on the horizon. And what a horizon – saying “I do” on a stunning cliff overlooking the ocean is something definitely worth searching for…




































Portugal and Russia… a match made in heaven!



Wedding Planner: StudioVictorias

Photography: Anna Kozdurova

Flowers: Atelier Decorelle   

Hair & Make-up: Anastasia Raevskaia

Video: Vlad Bychenkov    

Venue: Quinta dos Machados & Praia da Ribeira d’Ilhas, Ericeira

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