Ready for round two!

Dear readers, we made a new year’s resolution and the work to accomplish it starts right away. We want to enter 2017 with a prettier, smarter, cleaner website, so we need to take a break from our blog’s posts and put our hands to it.
For the time being, do enjoy all the beautiful things we’ve posted until now and browse our content on Portugal and the perks of coming here to have your dream wedding. And now is the perfect time to start following us on Instagram, @wearethedestination, if you still didn’t get around to do so.
We will be very busy redesigning our website so that everything comes together until the end of the year. Stay tuned, you do not want to miss our epic comeback!




  1. Hello
    We would like to have our weeding in Liboa and we want to first see some places were we can do bring 80 people. Can you suggest us some places, old portuguese houses? We are planning to go in setember of this year to plan, and it will be great if we pick some places before we get there so we can organize our schedule.

    1. Maggie, you should get in touch with a local wedding planner (which we are not). In Lisbon you can have quite some choice, not exactly old portuguese houses, as that is an architecture feature more common on the outskirts, like Sintra, Cascais, Ericeira, not in centre Lisbon – here you can have palaces, greenhouses, exquisite hotels and city view – beautiful location to choose from, and 80 people is quite a nice number to have options.
      Get in touch with one of our nice vendors, such Rita Soares Alves, from Wedwings, for example, she can give you a hand!
      Best regards
      Susana Esteves Pinto

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