Matilde Berk’s irrefusable offer

Portuguese photographer Matilde Berk is making an irrefusable offer for “2016 early brides”: 15% off all Lisbon weddings booked before 30th of October.


At The Destination we have been fans of her work since ever. Matilde is one of the top portuguese wedding photographers. Her style is “elegant, unobtrusive, classic-chic and infused with great humor”. Impressive truth, realism and emotions are revealed in the moments she chooses to freeze time. Catch a glimpse of it in the following selection and get to know Matilde’s magic in her blog or following her facebook page.

(The terms of the offer are at the end of this post).


the destination-weddings in portugal-matilde berk photography.

casar em portugal-matilde berk photography-the destination

the destination-casar em portugal-matilde berk photography

weddings in portugalmatilde berk photography-the destination

casar em lisboa-matilde berk photography-the destination

weddings in lisbon-matilde berk photography-the destination

Early Bride-MBK-EN

Matilde Berk is offering a 15% discount on Wedding Photography for all Destination weddings or weddings in the city of Lisbon. Dates must be booked before 30th October 2015. Just reference the ‘Early Bride 2016’ when getting in touch.

To know more about Matilde Berk’s work please visit her web page and/or her facebook page.

Matilde has a side project we think you’ll love, click here to find out all about it!

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