Getting married in Portugal

Here you'll find the main information you'll need about the legal process.

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Here we will try to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the formalities for getting married in Portugal.


– Who should I contact in order to start the process?

You should contact the Civil Register Office in Portugal. Contact the one nearest to your wedding area and make sure you get all the details right. Do this in advance, two months at least.

You can also call your embassy or consulate in Portugal for guidance.


– What documents do foreign citizens need to get married in Portugal?

We advise you to gather this information through the Civil Register Office in Portugal and your embassy or consulate in Portugal. But there are a few documents that are expected to be necessary:

. Certified birth certificates, issued no more than six months prior to the application

. Copies of your passports our ID documents (if you’re a European Union citizen)

. A declaration issued by your local authorities that confirms that you are eligible for marriage

These documents then need to be translated by an official translator, who will have the translation certified by the Portuguese Notary. Your embassy or consulate will provide you a list of official translators.


– Can I have a religious ceremony in Portugal?

Yes. You’ll need to contact the local representation of your religion. We can tell you that catholic weddings are performed together with the civil ceremony. You can also take care of the legal aspects at home and have here a blessing ceremony (the Anglican church performs these, but surely other religions also can.)


– Is a marriage in Portugal recognized abroad?

It is recognized in all European Union countries and in most countries outside the EU. But you must have this confirmed through your local authorities or your embassy or consulate in Portugal.


– Is same-sex marriage recognized in Portugal?

Yes it is, since 2010.


Feel free to contact us if you have further questions, we will gladly help you.

And keep an eye on our posts on the subject.