Mónica + Pedro and the perfect light

Mónica and Pedro will be getting married this summer and for this beautifull engagement session, they choose a secret and charming little beach, just on the coast of Sesimbra, a 45 minut drive from Lisbon.

Their joy is contagious, their energy and love are all around and spread smoothly, just like this magical golden light captured by Pedro Vilela, one of our very talented photographers.

In his own words, “this was a privileged experience, to share these moments, this perfect light and surroundings in such great company!”


Perfection, we say!


Beach e-session-PedroVilela-1

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-2

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-3

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-4

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-5

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-6

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-7

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-8

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-9

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-10

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-11

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-12

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-13

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-14

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-15

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-16

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-17

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-18

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-19

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-20

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-21

Beach e-session-PedroVilela-22

Welcome to The Destination


What an exciting day this is for us, The Destination is online.

After four years editing Simplesmente Branco, a prestigious wedding website in Portugal, we realized that our country had gathered a very impressive collection of venues and vendors for beautiful, warm, thoughtful weddings. The quality of portuguese professionals is indisputable and foreign couples are choosing it more and more often for their dream wedding. Here, they find a perfect location for their families spread all over the globe, a warm, sunny and bright atmosphere, breathtaking landscapes, delicious food and wines and a range of wedding venues and vendors of the utmost quality.
They find all of this, and so can you. We’ll guide you through it and, hopefully, make you see that Portugal is what you’ve been looking for.



So fall in love with this beautifull country  and be our honored guests!

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