Tânia + João, Pure Luxury

Tânia + João’s wedding was for Maria Rão, the photographer of the event, “the party of the year” and we are going to show you why. Together for more than seven years, Tânia + João celebrated their love in an intimate, luxurious and discreet ceremony. It took place in one of the most refined and beautiful hotels in Lisbon, Hotel Valverde. In a corner of a lush green courtyard, accompanied at a distance by the bridesmaids and a few witnesses, they read to each other their sincere vows and went through the pages of their love story, written by Sandra Nobre. You can watch or rewatch this truly endearing moment in the wedding video we have previously published here.

Following this ceremony they joyfully partied with their guests in a magnificent night party in the spectacular Estufa Fria. The tropical inspired decoration and the lush flora of the venue were perfectly combined into a refined and glamorous mood. The performance of a live band for the dance was the cherry on top!



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Ceremony Venue: Estufa Fria de Lisboa
Party Venue: Hotel Valverde
Catering and Decor: Casa do Marquês
Photography: Maria Rão Photography
Bridal look: Dress by Pronovias, Shoes by Luis Onofre, Earings by Swaroski, Hair Pin a Vintage Familly Jewel
Make Up: Raquel Peres
Hair: Luzia
Groom’s Attire: Suit and shoes by Sacoor
Wedding Bands: Ourivesaria Pedro Simão
Bridemaids Gifts: Corsages by Happy day, Box by Área
Book “Our Love story”: by Sandra Nobre of Short Stories
Flowers: Happy Day
Videographer: Maria Rita
DJ: Miguel Vidal
Live Band: Nuno Gonzalez de Oliveira & Jaume Pradas



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Bucolic Romanticism, by Passionate

Today we present the bland stillness of Passionate‘s vibrant and colorfull editorial. It was photographed outdoors, in the beautiful fields of the Algarve, capturing a very inspiring, sweet and tender light. It showcases beautifully the work of a talented team of southern Portugal wedding vendors. We were totally struck by the exquisite and bold floral headpiece which is both beautiful and trendy.



Elegant Destination Algarve Wedding Photography

Elegant Destination Algarve Wedding Photography

03 The Destination-Passionate-Beautiful_Colors

Elegant Destination Algarve Wedding Photography

Elegant Destination Algarve Wedding Photography

Elegant Destination Algarve Wedding Photography

07 The Destination-Passionate-Beautiful_Colors 08 The Destination-Passionate-Beautiful_Colors 09 The Destination-Passionate-Beautiful_Colors

Elegant Destination Algarve Wedding Photography

Elegant Destination Algarve Wedding Photography

Elegant Destination Algarve Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography: Passionate
Wedding Gown: Vintage from the 70’s bought in Germany
Model: Daiana Goncharenko @ Boom Models Management
Design, Decor & Styling: My Fancy Wedding
Make Up: Rui Botto
Hair Style: Joana Reis – JAR Studios
Wedding Bouquet/Flowers: Martins Alves
Wedding Cake:
My Fancy Cake

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Trendelicious: Green

Spring is coming in Portugal. In the Northern hemisphere it’s the most exuberant of all seasons. Green is all over and it’s invigorating energy is contagious. That’s why we’re honoring nature by highlighting green as a bridal and wedding trend. Having a minimal green themed wedding where green leaves or green flowers arise as the main or only decorative element is one of the hottest trends for 2016.


the destination-trendelicious-green 02

the destination-trendelicious-green 01

the destination-trendelicious-green 03 the destination-trendelicious-green 04


Background of all 4 mood boards: Adoro, The Destinationn Selected Vendor
Mood Board #1 clockwise from top left: Passion Flower, Glimpse Fotografia, M.o.D by Matilde Berk, Bordalo Pinheiro
Mood Board #2 clockwise from top right: Adoro, The Destinationn Selected Vendor, Migalha Doce, Momento Cativo
Mood Board #3 Aqueduto Eventos via @cristinfrancis_aqueduto, The Destinationn Selected Vendor, Bordalo Pinheiro
Mood Board #4 @greenweddingshoes

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