Civil wedding in Portugal. How does it work?

A Destination Wedding, no matter our charming and perfect, is also subject to bureaucracy (what isn’t these days?). To make sure everything goes as planned (and leave no room for Murphy’s law) it is important to be informed about the rules and laws of marriage in Portugal. The more you plan ahead, the more you will enjoy the most romantic period of your life.


Destination Wedding in Portugal


Destination Wedding in Portugal


The processes are actually very simple. If you already know where you want to get married (Lisbon, Porto, Alentejo, Algarve?), reach out to the closest Civil Register Office. But make sure you have with you a few important documents: birth certificates (issued under 6 months ago), passports (or ID Cards in case you are from the European Union) and a declaration issued by your local authorities that confirms that you are eligible for marriage. The process is the same for same-sex marriage.


Destination Wedding in Portugal


Destination Wedding in Portugal


However, if these documents are not in Portuguese, it is imperative that you have them translated by an official translator. Relax! It is easy to find one: just ask your embassy or consulate in Portugal to provide you with a list. And since you are already speaking to them make sure a civil wedding in Portugal is valid in your country. Chances are it will be (since these are valid inside the European Union as well as many others countries in the world) but you know what they say: better safe than sorrow!


Destination Wedding in Portugal - party


Destination Wedding in Portugal - cake and dessert table


Destination Wedding in Portugal - cake and dessert table


While “flirting” with the best locations for Destination Weddings in Portugal, maybe you will want to visit the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in your home country. They can help you with every question you have. When everything is taken care of, all that’s left is travel. And then you are free to enjoy our wild ocean beaches in Alentejo (perfect for a secluded beach wedding) or our vineyards in Douro (vineyards are hot places for weddings nowadays). We will be waiting for you.


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  1. Hello,

    I would like to request a customised package for my wedding in Portugal for a maximum of 20 guests

    – Venue options: Adraga Beach & Wedding Dinner in The Quinta or somewhere similar
    – Preferred dates: End of February 24,25,26
    – Number of guests : Max. 20 ppl
    – Type of ceremony : Civil

    Requested Services :
    Civil license paperwork
    Wedding ceremony coordination and assistance on the wedding day
    Boutonnière and Bouquet
    Venue rental fee
    Sound system
    Decoration for the venue

    Also ,could you please give me an idea about February weather

    For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me

    Thanking you in advance,

    Hanane Dagher

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