Connect the dots, by Design Events

When you’re planning a wedding and the soon to be joined families live in different countries, you can have two weddings or you can connect the dots and see where they take you. Joana is Portuguese and lives in London with her at the time English fiancé (now husband!) David. When they decided to tie the knot, there was no doubt about it, they would do it in London! But, after a few months and a lot of thinking, it just wasn’t the right fit anymore.


So, after connecting the dots – England-London-Portugal-Lisbon-Beira Alta-Alentejo – Évora was the chosen spot. And after quickly falling in love with the gorgeous Imani Country House, the only dots left to connect were the ones related to planning and detailing, and that’s when Design Events stepped in and a long distance wedding was organized with all the care in the world. And what a wedding! Stunning landscapes, marvelous food, a spectacular venue, two families meeting to celebrate love and happiness exactly where the dots were meant to be connected…




























Follow the dots… you never know where they’ll take you!


Venue: Imani Country House

Planning, Styling & Flowers: Design Events Wedding

Magician: FUNtoche

Photography: Branquinho Photographers

Raquel + Victor, by Maria Imaginária

What better way to finish this week, than with this beautiful and oh so fun wedding video, from duo Maria Imaginária?

Check out the wedding of Raquel + Victor: they are both Brazilians, but chose to return to their roots, in Portugal for this joyful celebration. The destination was Douro, home of Raquel’s grandparents, and friends and family came from allover the world.

Love, fun, friendship, a lot of rock&roll and pure emotion filled the day… we just loved it!


Nancy+Mike: love goes global!

Hello everyone, ready to end this busy week?

Me too, so let’s wrap up with this gorgeous wedding, shot by the portuguese duo FullCut.

Nancy is a Portuguese girl living in Canada, and Mike is English.

As so many times with couples living abroad, going back home, to your roots, is what your destination wedding is all about. If you add all your friends coming from allover the world (12 different countries, actually!), you end up having the most incredible party, with that mix of accents and cultures…

So, let’s have some fun and join this cute couple and their party at Quinta de São Gens, near Ourém, right in the middle of our beautiful country.


Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Sofia + Vasco: let’s toast!

Hello everyone! Today we are posting an oh so merry wedding, full of drinking buddies (as a theme), toasts and fun!

Sofia + Vasco got married in the gorgeous Pousada de Queluz, on the outskirts of Lisbon, and had a party surely to remember.

The stunning and detailed decor and flowers was delivered by our selected vendor Love Stories and pictures were taken by It’s all about by José Teixeira.

































Let’s eat, dring and be merry!


Rustic delight, by Momento Cativo

Taking advantage of some extra time after their participation in a wedding, Momento Cativo e Hoje é Especial, decided to join forces and make a style photo shoot together for which they long yearned. We’re so grateful for that! The photographs and the overall mood are delightful.

It was made in a country setting in the north of Portugal, Planalto Mirandês, where Sara from Hoje é Especial lives. They agreed into doing something simple and not too elaborate, very natural, raw and organic. Sara knew just the right spot for it. Sara, says she was “reborn” when she came from the city to this countryside, 3 years ago. She got the chance to connected with her roots and this style shoot is somehow an homage to her loved ones. Some props even belonged to her grandparents and the savage bouquet “came up naturally when following my heart”, she confessed.

Momento Cativo took good care of Sara’s wishes by delightfully capturing those “from the heart and the earth” feelings in photographs. I propose that we “listen” to them quietly.


The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-1The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-104The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-6The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-12The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-22The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-85The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-86 The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-92The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-46The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-70The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-11The Destination-Momento Cativo-Miranda do Douro-130

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Photography: Momento Cativo
Creative direction & styling: Hoje é Especial
Make up: Jenny Makeup Land, The Destination Selected Vendor
Model: Marta Helena

Cake + Bouquet, in love with the countryside

The countryside is deliciously bucolic. There is something ever so permanent about its beauty. We are particularly sensible to all rustic inspirations and decors. Today, both the wedding cake brought to us by Vintage Cake Company and the bouquet presented by Ana Jordão, from Pinga Amor, have a little of this countryside spirit! They are fresh, simple and happy. Here to tempt our senses and leave us with a sense of fulfillment in our souls.


Vintage Cake Company & Pinga Amor

For him

Using only silver and cork, the beautiful cufflinks from Ninho de Cucos have been charming us for a while now. It’s a very uncommon jewel, but also a very original one. Sculptor Davina Primo signs these small masterpieces, using only Portuguese materials and choosing always a simple, discrete yet elegant design. If you are getting married in Portugal, why not dress the part, using these very unique cufflinks? Get Davina on the phone and order a customized version, one she will draw exclusively for you.


Ninho de Cucos' cufflinks - cork and silver


Ninho de Cucos' cufflinks - cork and silver


Ninho de Cucos' cufflinks - cork and silver


Ninho de Cucos' cufflinks - cork and silver


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