Rosario + Pedro, by Vanessa & Ivo Handmade Films

Hi everyone! Another week, another beautiful video: today, we present you Rosário + Pedro, happy love birds, owners of two cats and a multitude of action figures and toys, big fans of Star Wars and Doctor Who (as Vanessa & Ivo Handmade Films, the videographers, so you can imagine the four of them getting in total sync!), celebrating a hipster wedding in Portugal.

As you will see, the day started grey and dab, but nothing could cloud the beauty of the ceremony, which took place at Quinta de Sant’Ana (one of our wonderful hosts at The Destination – international wedding conference we put together late March), just on the outskirts of Lisbon.

Just sit back and enjoy the party!


Guava glamour: Portugal at your feet

Portuguese shoe brand Guava just launched their new collection – Diamonds – and the colors, together with their signature geometric heel, are fresh and inspiring. Contemporary luxury at your feet in romantic Ivory Nude or Arctic Mint, but why not bold Indigo Blue (for your something blue naturally!) or Mela Green (perfect for the Irish brides out there!)?


Each pair of shoes is designed with love by the award-winning designer Inês Caleiro and handmade with expertise by master Portuguese shoemakers. The result? A unique and exclusive pair of shoes that will have you dancing all night long!










You will literally have Portugal at your feet on your wedding day!

Anastassia + Ivan, Seaside Romance

Anastassia + Ivan’s journey to their dream destination wedding in Portugal started when they discovered Dream Weddings Europe site. There they saw their portfolio of Portuguese Destination Weddings and started to be interested by Portugal and did a bit of research about it. As soon as they started reading about Portugal they realized they had never seen such beautiful nature and interesting culture. They were certain they wanted to get married here by the seaside.


Dream Weddings Europe planned everything for them and their first time in Portugal was only for the wedding. Anastassia + Ivan had a mini-wedding with an intimate ceremony held outdoors in a private villa nearby Sintra by the seaside, which was also the accomodation site for the couple and their guests. A cozy family style sit down dinner during which was served traditional Portuguese cuisine dishes nicely paired with Portuguese wines.


The cliff landscape and the sea mist made the couples newlywed photo session truly exquisite and a perfect keepsake.


DreamWeddingsEurope_2-The DestinationDreamWeddingsEurope_1-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_3-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_4-The Destination  DreamWeddingsEurope_6-The DestinationDreamWeddingsEurope_8-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_9-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_10-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_11-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_12-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_13-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_14-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_15-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_16-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_17-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_19-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_21-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_22-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_23-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_24-The Destination   DreamWeddingsEurope_27-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_28-The Destination
DreamWeddingsEurope_25-The DestinationDreamWeddingsEurope_26-The Destination


Wedding Planner and Design: Dream Weddings Europe
Venue: Private villa at Azenhas do Mar, Sintra.
Decoration: Brilliant Decor
Photography: Paulo Flop
Video: Kirill Pervukhin
Voice: Mario Costa
Hair & Makeup: Helena Tavares


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Zurita + André, 20s revival

Zurita + André recreated for their wedding, a 20s atmosphere, inspired by the film The Great Gatsby, where brightness, glamor and romance reigned. They wished to have a beautiful experience of that era, while having fun and be able to create cheerful and unique memories for the future. Glimpse Photography was there and captured, skillfully, in delicate images, that ambiance.


They chose to celebrate their love at the eco-friendly Hotel Rio Prado, in Óbidos. In this peculiar hotel, architecture merges with nature in a brilliant balance. There you can feel the call of nature and at still have the comfort of the excellent facilities. Taking advantage of the unique surrounding the wedding decor was where the bride and groom less invested.


This wedding was anything but conventional. The bride arrived to the sound of a Star Wars version of the wedding march that surprised everyone. The party was a way to re-assemble the musical band of André, and its rehearsals became warm-ups for the actual wedding. When the day came, everyone was involved and well integrated, turning the dance floor into one of the highlights of the whole party!


Zurita + André confessed they immensely enjoyed every bit of their wedding, which was totally made to their image. Their recommendation for future couples is: “Keep Calm and enjoy your wedding”.


01 glimpse fotografia-the destination 02 glimpse fotografia-the destination 03 glimpse fotografia-the destination 04 glimpse fotografia-the destination 05 glimpse fotografia-the destination 06 glimpse fotografia-the destination 07 glimpse fotografia-the destination 08 glimpse fotografia-the destination 09 glimpse fotografia-the destination 10 glimpse fotografia-the destination 11 glimpse fotografia-the destination 12 glimpse fotografia-the destination 13 glimpse fotografia-the destination 14 glimpse fotografia-the destination 15 glimpse fotografia-the destination 16 glimpse fotografia-the destination 17 glimpse fotografia-the destination 18 glimpse fotografia-the destination 19 glimpse fotografia-the destination 20 glimpse fotografia-the destination 21 glimpse fotografia-the destination 22 glimpse fotografia-the destination 23 glimpse fotografia-the destination 24 glimpse fotografia-the destination 25 glimpse fotografia-the destination 26 glimpse fotografia-the destination 27 glimpse fotografia-the destination


Invites and Graphic Design: André Sentieiro (The Groom)
Venue and Catering – Rio do Prado
Cake: Pastelaria Pingo de mel  Caldas da Rainha
Groom’s attire: Burberry
Wedding dress, shoes and accessories – Dress by Story TailorsBurberry shoes
Makeup: José Teixeira Dior‘s Makeup artitst
Hair: Hairfusion
Favors: Polaroid pictures of everyguest with the newlyweds
Photography: Maria João Andrade of Glimpse Fotografia
Music: DJ Sonja + loopooloo + Raging Dildos Jazz Band

Wish Wedding – Isadora + Fred

Today we start a new feature: Wish Wedding, where we will show you an imagined/wished wedding. You know that area of online shops where you can create your wish list? Well, that’s the idea. Starting from something, wedding related, that inspires us we will create a Wish Wedding that will serve you, both, as inspiration and as entertainment. In most cases I will be the one creating those visual and written stories, with ficcionated characters but, in time, I will have some guests posting their own Wish Weddings. Sounds great, right? Without further ado I leave you TD Wish Wedding #1. Enjoy!


Isadora and Fred are both Brasilian and met through Instagram. Fred is a financial analyst in an international company who operates in Brasil and the USA. He is always travelling and likes to disconnect from numbers, whenever he cans. He lets is creative alter ego run free in his instagram gallery, full of magnificent photos of buildings. Fred has a passion for architecture.

Isadora is a renowned investigator in the field of renewable energy and works between Portugal and Brasil. Just like Fred, Isadora has a thing for instantaneous photography and it is her main leisure activity. Her instagram account is minimal and graphic. She photographs patterns, colors and graphisms she finds in her daily life. They can’t remember how they ran into ieach other on social media but as in instagram a photo pulls a conversation and a conversation pulls another one, eventually they met live in an instameet held in São Paulo. It was love at first sight!

Their first trip together was to Portugal. They were enchanted by Alentejo. Although they both have technical jobs, out of work they are very connected to the land and to nature as a whole. They enjoy outdoor activities and exploring nature. Whenever they can they travel to do so. On this trip to Portugal they stayed at Herdade do Vau, near Beja, and felt so right there during those two days that they imagined their wedding there.

Fred admired the unique architectural details and Isadora was delighted by the surroundings and the privacy of the place. There, they thought they could spend a few days with their guests, enjoying each other’s company with plenty of privacy. They wanted a mini wedding: Fred would invite 10 people, and Isadora other 10. With the help of a Portuguese wedding planner  they organized a civil ceremony and the party from a distance via email and skype. In six months they came back and celebrated their marriage in a country + casual chic setting.


The venue

01Herdade-do-vau-casar-em-portugal-the-destination 03Herdade-do-vau-casar-em-portugal-the-destination

Herdade do Vau


The bride



1. Marques Almeida dress; 2. Traditional portuguese “à rei” earings; 3. Liquid Gold Nike sneakers.


The groom


1. Gant Shirt; 2. Levi’s Jeans; 3. The Tie Bar Bow Tie; 4. Liquid Silver Nike sneakers.


The wedding bands


Niessing Color Ring Wedding Bands


The table


Watermelon by Anna Westerlund Ceramics


The flowers


Traditional lavender bouquet and rattles by Xuxudidi


The cake


Textured cake by T Bakes Atelier


The photos


Several Instax retro inspire cameras were available for instantaneous shooting and printing of photos.


We wish “they’d be” happy ever after!!


Rock the dress, Adriana Morais wants to pamper you up

Those who know her have already been charmed by her girlish ways and kindness. Adriana Morais is one of those people that make it very easy to generate empathy. Just as charming as her, are her photos. With a very unique lighting, it almost looks like there is a very delicate mist hanging over them.


Giveaway - photo shoot in LIsbon


Wouldn’t you love to star in a photo shoot like this? Adriana is offering a Rock the Dress session to newlyweds. It is a golden opportunity to wear you wedding dress again, this time in a different setting. To qualify, you just need to do three things:


Like the facebook page Adriana Morais – Fotografia;
Share on your wall the photo in this link;
Mail Adriana telling your story and attaching a photo from your wedding day.


You have until the end of July to apply. On the 3rd of August, Adriana will announce the winners. After staring on the photo shoot, the winning couple will be offered 250 photos. Good luck.

My Quicknote, exclusive notebooks from Azores

There’s more in Azores other than breathtaking landscapes and a fabulous local cuisine. In the nine islands that make for this beautiful Portuguese archipelago there are also lots of talented and creative people. Need an example? Companies Companhia das Ilhas and Milideias decided on a partnership that resulted in the cutest notebooks ever: the quicknotes. As ‘notebook’aholics’, we are particularly delighted over this adorable books, with their theme covers (inspired by Azores, its history and more) and colorful sheets. We have a few (is more than 10 ok?) and we use them every day to take notes, write down out meetings, doodle and even sketch.


Quicknotes from Azores


Quicknotes from Azores


You can chose between the pocket-notebook (3,40 euros) and the big ones (5,40 euros). And they make for special souvenirs to give to your friends and family at your wedding, especially if you are thinking about a destination wedding in Azores (which you should). Remember, you now have at least two low cost airlines with regular flights for Ponta Delgada.



Enlightened ideas

Leds4Dance has already become a reference in the Portuguese wedding market, thanks to its irresistible and entertaining dance floors. But, driven by the impulse to do more and to do it better, the company recently added yet another enlightened novelty to its service. What, you might wonder? Well, enlightened letters, perfect for the styling of the most romantic parties and celebrations. Bride and groom have the word – for they are the ones that chose what words to enlighten in their special day – and the great and talentes team from Leds4Dance just have to make the magic happen. And they also do!


The visual effect is stunning, don’t you think?


Love letters with light - styling idea for you wedding in Portugal

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