Lakeside love

If a lakeside wedding in Portugal is something that’s never crossed your mind, well then, after you’ve seen this video, you won’t be able to think of anything else. Shot by Vanessa & Ivo Handmade Films at the stunning Montebelo Aguieira Lake Resort & Spa in Central Portugal, Raquel + Fernando’s big day will inspire you and make you fall in love with the idea of your own destination wedding once again…



Ready to pack your bags?!


Run away with me, by Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes

There’s something absolutely magical and downright daring about elopement weddings, wouldn’t you agree? Michelle + Hakon chose to run away to Lisbon to tie the knot in a totally private ceremony with only one guest – Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes – as their photographer and witness. Their unique day began at the Norwegian embassy, where the wedding was officialized and then celebrated in the beautiful streets of Portugal’s capital, in the quaint Alfama neighborhood and by the Tagus River… all of which showered them with sun and sprinkled them with rain, a sign of luck according to tradition.





































Because rain or shine, it’s always a great day to run away and get married!

The first look

Kristen, who’s American, and Filipe, who’s Brazilian, met in Portugal while serving on a volunteer mission… their hearts went out to each other and the rest, as they say, is a beautiful love story. Before their wedding in the United States, they decided to come back to where it all started. First stop, Cabo Espichel in Sesimbra, followed by Serra da Arrábida… because we should always return to the places that make us happy.


































The first look… what a great idea and what stunning photography by Rodrigo Silva!

Keeping it sweet and simple, by R2Arte

When Cláudia + Florian started planning their wedding in Portugal, they knew exactly what kind of day they wanted: an authentic one! And from the moment they stepped into the Cascais church to say “I do” until the second they let loose on the dance floor at Coconuts, that’s exactly what went down. Can’t you tell from the bride’s casual and comfy dress, the sunglasses fever, the group choreography and the look of pure joy on everyone’s faces? Thank goodness R2Arte was there to cover this great party and let us in on all the fun!














































There’s nothing quite like a KISS in Portugal: keep it sweet and simple! Or better yet, in the words of our bride: “Don’t look for perfection, what’s most important is that it is authentic.


Lost in Lisbon

What could be more perfect for starting out your bride and groom scrapbook than an engagement session in the beautiful and bright streets of Lisbon? That’s exactly what Rita + Vítor did, with Hello Twiggs behind the camera! Pink walls for love, gorgeous flowers for a blossoming love story, traditional tiles and unique urban art for a touch of personality and gorgeous light to bring it all together!
























It’s time to get lost in Lisbon with the love of your life!

Alex+Telmo: happiness is the language of love

From Germany to coastal Figueira da Foz, Alex + Telmo travelled with their hearts filled with emotions and a clear will to deliver all their friends and family the best day ever, having a blast was a requirement, as they are a very fun couple.


On the wedding day, Alex was all calm and relax, but Telmo was totally emotional (how cute is that…?).

The ceremony was very intimate and multicultural, with speeches both in German and in Portuguese, and this theme was expressed in everything else, soundtrack included, as traditional songs were played in both languages. Music is a universal language by itself: everyone kept dancing all night long!

I’m in love with the bride’s shoes, bouquet, majestic flower crown, but specially with the wonderful and contagious smile of Alexandra!



Beautiful video from XPTO Cinematography.


Filipa + Ricardo, Rustic Delight

Today we bring you a sweet rustic wedding in the outskirts of Lisbon, by the talented, Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes, The Destination Selected Vendor. In the genuine portuguese Aldeia da Mata Pequena, a small rural village set in a rich and well-preserved natural landscape, Filipa + Ricardo had a cosy hippie chic wedding in close contact with nature.


Once they’ve chosen the venue they worked the theme and the details along with the expertise of Outlux and the help of their families and friends. A lot on this wedding was DIY and it really enhanced the sweet relaxed and comfy mood of the whole celebration. Less is, definitely, more and this wedding proves that a greatness can be achieved with love and little else.



The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-01 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-02 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-03 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-04 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-05 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-05b The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-06 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-07 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-08 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-09 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-10

The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-11b.jpg The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-11  The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-12 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-13 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-14 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-15 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-16 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-17 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-18 The Destination-Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes-19


Graphic Design: DIY by the couple
Venue: Aldeia da Mata Pequena
Catering: Living Room
Wedding Planning: Outlux
Cake: by the Bride’s sister
Groom’s Attire: Saccor e Seaside
Brides Dress and Shoes: Dona Noiva
Makeup: Fati Jardim
Hair: Catarina
Flowers: by the Bride’s sister and nieces
Party Favors: Honey from the Bride’s grandparents hometown and Ginginha made by the Groom’s Grandfather and bottle by the couple’s mothers.
Photography: Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes, The Destination Selected Vendor
Lights, sound and DJ: by a friend


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Margarida + Joel, Small is beautiful

Margarida + Joel had great fun at their mini wedding at the beach. They achieved a quite glamorous mood for the celebration of their love, yet keeping it casual, relaxed and intimate. Caso-me Contigo‘s team was there to capture it all. And now I am pleased to share it with you its contagious joy to start the week in great mood!



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