Emotional, by Joana Montez

Joana Montez is a Portuguese fashion designer who dedicates her craft into creating the most perfect wedding gowns for her clients. Every single gown is made in a atelier environment with thorough attention to details of cut, sewing and embroidery. Naming her latest collection “emotional” feels as appropriate at it could be, since so much emotion is laid into her creation and production process.

Emotional is a boho chic collection where transparencies, lightweight fabrics, embroidered details, laces, and feathers are combined to create ethereal silhouettes. Raquel Castro, of Atmosfia, The Destination Selected Vendor, was responsable for the editorial photographs for this collection, which picture an unposed, relaxed and natural mood with a slight pinch of drama. Here is a selection of our favorite gowns of this collection you’re sure you’ll love.


01 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia 02 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia04 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia 05 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia 06 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia 08 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia 09 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia 10 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia 12 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia 13 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia 14 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia 15 The Destination_Joana Montez_Atmosfia


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Anastassia + Ivan, Seaside Romance

Anastassia + Ivan’s journey to their dream destination wedding in Portugal started when they discovered Dream Weddings Europe site. There they saw their portfolio of Portuguese Destination Weddings and started to be interested by Portugal and did a bit of research about it. As soon as they started reading about Portugal they realized they had never seen such beautiful nature and interesting culture. They were certain they wanted to get married here by the seaside.


Dream Weddings Europe planned everything for them and their first time in Portugal was only for the wedding. Anastassia + Ivan had a mini-wedding with an intimate ceremony held outdoors in a private villa nearby Sintra by the seaside, which was also the accomodation site for the couple and their guests. A cozy family style sit down dinner during which was served traditional Portuguese cuisine dishes nicely paired with Portuguese wines.


The cliff landscape and the sea mist made the couples newlywed photo session truly exquisite and a perfect keepsake.


DreamWeddingsEurope_2-The DestinationDreamWeddingsEurope_1-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_3-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_4-The Destination  DreamWeddingsEurope_6-The DestinationDreamWeddingsEurope_8-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_9-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_10-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_11-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_12-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_13-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_14-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_15-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_16-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_17-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_19-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_21-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_22-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_23-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_24-The Destination   DreamWeddingsEurope_27-The Destination DreamWeddingsEurope_28-The Destination
DreamWeddingsEurope_25-The DestinationDreamWeddingsEurope_26-The Destination


Wedding Planner and Design: Dream Weddings Europe
Venue: Private villa at Azenhas do Mar, Sintra.
Decoration: Brilliant Decor
Photography: Paulo Flop
Video: Kirill Pervukhin
Voice: Mario Costa
Hair & Makeup: Helena Tavares


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Rembo Styling Première, Vestidus Atelier

Last Sunday, Vestidus, The Destination Selected Vendor, hosted an exclusive Rembo Styling Designer Première, the Belgian bridal wear company, that has settled their production in Leiria, Portugal.


In this event, brides-to-be, got the chance to see, touch and try on Rembo Styling‘s newest collection. Their trademark boho-chic gowns were nicely displayed on manequins and worn by beautyful models, providing the attendees real options of how to wear and how to make the most out of a Rembo Styling dress.


Sara Silva, Vestidus owner, was the perfect host. She gathered a top group of wedding professionals, some of them also The Destination Selected Vendors, to embellish the event which was fancy, enjoyable and relaxed. Well done, Sara!


designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 01 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 02 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 03 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 04 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 05 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 06 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 07 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 08 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 09 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 10 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 11 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 12 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 13 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 14 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 15 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 16 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 17 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 18 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 19 designer premiere-rembostyling-vestidus-the destination 20

If you wish to get in touch with Vestidus for inquiries on Rembo Styling dresses please use the following contacts:

Email: vestidus@vestidus.com

tel.: + 351 964 186 367

Contact: Sara Silva

Address: Av. João XXI, 78D – 1000-304 Lisbon, Portugal


Photographers: AtmosfiaThe Destination Selected Vendor
Videographer: Shot & Cut Films, The Destination Selected Vendor
Cakes: Joalharia Doce
Makeup: Mood4Makeup by Sandra Senra
Flowers: Lili Cherry
Models: Patrícia Candoso and Eleca Cabac

Trendelicious: Food Trucks

We’re starting off the week with a modern, fun and budget-friendly trend that’s been out there for a while: food trucks on wedding receptions. In the summer of 2014 the Huffington Post Weddings considered it one of “The 15 biggest wedding trends for 2015” highlighting the convenience and the assortment of the tasting experience.


The Knot has listed a simple guide for planning your wedding reception with food trucks, wich we reccomend you read if you’re considering this trend for you wedding. You can either chose to have food trucks for the cocktail hour or for the whole event.

We find it genuinely interesting for a destination wedding because once you’re in a different country you can get a lot more of your experience abroad by having a variety of local flavors.


Get inspired by the images below and awaken your taste buds to the Portuguese flavors through a small national selection of food trucks.






trendelicious-pitchers cocktails-the destination

trendelicous-vespa gourmet-the destination

trendelicious-charcutaria portuguesa-the destination

trendelicious-merenda portuguesa-the destination

trendeliciou-vai a fava-the destination

trendelicious-focaccia in giro-the destination

trendelicious-comida de rua-the destination


Images:  Andrew Chan via Huffington Post Weddings; Justin Lee via Raffinato Bridal; Matt Miller from Our Labor of Love via Green Wedding Shoes; Pitcher Cocktails; Vespa Gourmet; Charcutaria Portuguesa; Merenda Portuguesa; Vai à fava; Focaccia in Giro; Comida de Rua via P3.


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Elegantly sweet, by Sabores da Gula

It’s astonishing how a pinch of vibrant colored flowers on a simple, classic cake can make all the difference. This small yet bold detail was a creation of Sabores da Gula for our e-magazine style shoot Girls just wanna have fun, photographed by Um dia de sonho, The Destination Selected Vendor.



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