Lakeside love

If a lakeside wedding in Portugal is something that’s never crossed your mind, well then, after you’ve seen this video, you won’t be able to think of anything else. Shot by Vanessa & Ivo Handmade Films at the stunning Montebelo Aguieira Lake Resort & Spa in Central Portugal, Raquel + Fernando’s big day will inspire you and make you fall in love with the idea of your own destination wedding once again…



Ready to pack your bags?!


Licor Beirão, Portugal’s top secret liquor

It is in the heart of Portugal that Licor Beirão is produced with a whole lot of heart. The gorgeous family owned farm that, just like the liquor’s recipe, has been passed down through various generations, is where most of the aromatic spices, herbs and seeds that are part of the liquor’s secret recipe are grown and harvested. Weighing the secret ingredients is so top secret that only two people in the world know the correct quantities for producing Licor Beirão!


Steeping follows, where the secret ingredients are mixed with alcohol of agricultural origin, remaining this way in stainless steel tanks for at least a month. Distillation is the last step – where fresh Lousã Mountain water and in-house produced caramel are added – ensuring that only the most magical and highest quality flavors remain. Once bottled up, standard size or miniature (they make the most perfect wedding favors!), Licor Beirão is ready to party… Portuguese style!





Cheers to that!

Quinta do Hespanhol, The Destination selected vendor

Six centuries of history, all within the same family: here’s the identity of Quinta do Hespanhol. Nested in a 60 hectares property, the house is surrounded by forest, park, gardens and patios and features three extraordinary rooms for your events, all of them with pristine decoration and absolute comfort.



You can follow Quinta do Hespanhol’s work on The Destination and contact Ana Fernandes Thomaz through their vendor page.

Also check their Facebook.


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Nancy+Mike: love goes global!

Hello everyone, ready to end this busy week?

Me too, so let’s wrap up with this gorgeous wedding, shot by the portuguese duo FullCut.

Nancy is a Portuguese girl living in Canada, and Mike is English.

As so many times with couples living abroad, going back home, to your roots, is what your destination wedding is all about. If you add all your friends coming from allover the world (12 different countries, actually!), you end up having the most incredible party, with that mix of accents and cultures…

So, let’s have some fun and join this cute couple and their party at Quinta de São Gens, near Ourém, right in the middle of our beautiful country.


Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Love in a hug

Thomas + David call New York their home, but chose the heart of Portugal to exchange wedding rings and vows, to say yes and celebrate the first day of the rest of their lives. The moving Jewish ceremony was held on the magnificent Portas de Coimbra lookout, in the middle of the idyllic Bussaco Forest, with stunning views of the historical Portuguese city. The party filled to the brim the equally magnificent Bussaco Palace Hotel with many sweet Portuguese details, family, friends, tradition, complicity, love, celebration, serenity… and hugs, lots and lots of hugs.



Every emotional moment, every emotional hug, was captured on video by Pixel.


Alex+Telmo: happiness is the language of love

From Germany to coastal Figueira da Foz, Alex + Telmo travelled with their hearts filled with emotions and a clear will to deliver all their friends and family the best day ever, having a blast was a requirement, as they are a very fun couple.


On the wedding day, Alex was all calm and relax, but Telmo was totally emotional (how cute is that…?).

The ceremony was very intimate and multicultural, with speeches both in German and in Portuguese, and this theme was expressed in everything else, soundtrack included, as traditional songs were played in both languages. Music is a universal language by itself: everyone kept dancing all night long!

I’m in love with the bride’s shoes, bouquet, majestic flower crown, but specially with the wonderful and contagious smile of Alexandra!



Beautiful video from XPTO Cinematography.


Katerina + Anton, by Happy Films

Super chic and utterly romantic destination wedding at Bussaco Palace Hotel, by Happy Films.



Did you like this trailer? One of this friday’s will be posting this real wedding, do come back to see every glamorous detail of this exquisite celebration.


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Olga + Vlad, Imperial Autumn

StudioVictorias, wedding-planners based in Portugal and specialized in destination weddings, have sent us the majestic wedding of Russian couple Olga + Vlad, at Bussaco Palace Hotel, in central Portugal. When Olga first approached StudioVictorias she was sure she wanted an European destination wedding, but was uncertain about where in Europe exactly. Olga + Vlad wished for a beautiful and luxurious wedding and a special venue was required. Eventually, Portugal ended up being their choice, not simply because of its unique style and popularity amongst Russian couples, but also for its variety of absolutely stunning venues as well.


With the help of their wedding planners they found a perfect place for the ceremony and dinner – the Bussaco Palace Hotel, where history is intertwined with modernity, and the simplicity of Portuguese life is supplemented by a luxury service.  The palace-hotel is situated in a deep, lush forest, which creates a magical and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for any wedding day.


Decorations and bridal bouquet were created according to the couple’s desires and expectations and matching the beauty of the palace.  A “forest” style theme was well mixed with juicy colorful details. As the wedding was held in autumn, the color palette rose by itself: deep shades of burgundy that highlighted the nobility of the season and the imperial dignity of the venue.


Olga + Vlad had decided to officially get married in Portugal, and for this objective a wedding officer from the Portuguese Civil Registry was invited. You can click here to learn everything about the legal aspects of a wedding in Portugal. The ceremony took place in one of the most beautiful halls of the palace. This was a mini-wedding with few guests. Mostly close family and BFFs, “the most important people of all”, as the couple declared.


The palace and its surroundings are magnificent for beautiful and tender pictures, with its vast, inspirational and romantic spaces. The celebration ended with a wonderful dinner, served in the Hall of Angels, a very inspiring name to wrap up this dream wedding in Portugal.

Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-04a

Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-01 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-02 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-03 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-04   Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-05 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-06 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-07

Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-04b Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-08 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-09 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-10 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-11 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-12 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-13 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-14 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-15 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-16 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-17 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-18 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-19 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-20 Bussaco-StusioVictorias-The Destination-21


Wedding Planners: StudioVictorias
Venue: Bussaco Palace
Photographer: Alexandra Letinskaya – LDA Luckybird Concept
Wedding Stylist: Andy Dyo
Decoration: StudioVictorias


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