Bright Idea, by Jubela

Starting with a custom order, Jubela, aka Joana Caetano, has created an embroidery frame with two swallows manually embroidered on handmade linen and turned it into a “ring bearer”. The result was a delicate piece brought to life by the dedication of a thorough craftsmanship. We were delighted with its charm. We realized that a combination of your needs with Joana’s mastery and creativity, will create special and unique pieces. Small but meaningful details like this can make all the difference in your wedding, don’t you think? Joana has already made custom orders for “lenços de namorados” to mark the date, lapel pins for the groom’s suit or brides dresses and ring bearer pillows. All these pieces can be customized in color and size, based on the huge archive of designs Jubela already has.


porta-aliancas-bordado-jubela-td-casar-em-portugal-3   porta-aliancas-bordado-jubela-td-casar-em-portugal-2   porta-aliancas-bordado-jubela-td-casar-em-portugal-1   bordadeira-portuguesa-jubela-TD-casar-em-portugal-2   bordadeira-portuguesa-jubela-TD-casar-em-portugal-4   bordadeira-portuguesa-jubela-TD-casar-em-portugal-1   coracao-bordado-jubela-td-casar-em-portugal

Jubela is a brand of accessories, designed and manually embroidered by Joana Caetano in Porto, Portugal. Her work is defined by the use of  themes and patterns of Portuguese traditional embroidery. The artist is fascinated by Portuguese folk art in general and her research is reflected in her works. Jubela takes orders from anywhere in the globe. Plan on ordering yours? Contact Joana here. Photos of the swallows ring bearer are the client/bride, Susana Gomes who is another artisan from Porto, whose fantastic project, the O Beija Flor, we will highlight very soon. Come back to find out!

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